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I've been a PIB member since the very beginning, and training with Carolin even long before it's inception.  I love Carolin's calm and grounded nature.  No matter what you are working on, she always seems to have a solution and a new path to try.  She can always clearly explain the why's and how's of any exercise or changes she wants to see in your horse.

  Not only do I gain help with my own horses, but as a trainer, I have learned better ways to communicate with my own students.  Carolin can always turn a negative situation into a positive and always leaves you feeling like no matter how much improvement you need, that it's attainable and points out beautiful moments in your training to strive for more of.  I have had several of my own students join the PIB membership, as it only makes my job easier when they have her feed back as well, and I feel super comfortable sharing my own clients with such a respectful professional."

Deanna Preis - Illinois/USA

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