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Great to have you here! 

I'm a devoted equine trainer and human coach driven by an unwavering passion for horses, their well-being, and their healthy education.

Combining a deep understanding of equine behavior with proven and healthy training techniques, I strive to create harmonious partnerships between horses and riders while building a better body and a healthy athlete through the principles of classical dressage and healthy biomechanics. With a keen eye for individual needs and a patient approach, I strive to find the most suitable approach to develop my students together with their horses further. 

As a forever student myself I'm continuously educating myself through inspirational horsemen and horsewomen such as Belinda Bolsenbroek, Claudia Wolters, Bent Branderup, Zaneta Georgiades, Karen Rohlf, Yvet Blokesch, to name a few, and those that inspire me the most at the moment. 

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