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Unlocking the Secret to Relaxed Activity

Ever marveled at the grace and fluidity of a horse as it effortlessly glides through movements? It's all about the magic of relaxed muscles! 🐎💫

We often hear about the importance of relaxed activity. But what does that really mean? Simply put, it's the art of allowing your horse's muscles to work in a state of ease, tension, and release. Only when muscles are relaxed they can move freely, enabling a wide range of motion in the joints and promoting supple, low-wear movements. Only in this state of relaxed activity healthy muscles are built up. 🔄

Picture this: a horse swinging loosely through its body with smooth, big strides and jumps. That's the epitome of relaxed activity – characterized by lightness and effortlessness. And guess what? When we ride with a functional and aligned seat, harmonizing with and gently supporting our horse's movement rather than disrupting it, we become part of this beautiful dance. 🎶

These qualities aren't just important for our healthy athletes and are not just reserved for leisurely rides. They're the foundation for achieving mental and physical suppleness, essential for more demanding collection work down the line. 🌟

In the realm of collection work, where isometric muscle work gets more and more important, it's crucial to strike a balance. We must intersperse moments of relaxed, loose muscle work to prevent fatigue and tension buildup. By doing so, we ensure our horses perform at their peak without unnecessary strain. And this is allowing us to gently stretch the borders and build more and more quality in a healthy developing, athletic body. 🔄💪

So, let's embrace the essence of relaxed activity – it's not just a technique, but a philosophy that fosters a deeper connection between horse and rider. Together, let's journey towards effortless harmony in the saddle! 🌟🐴

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