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Give space to allow them to figure it out

Today, I want to talk about a fundamental principle in horse training that's often overlooked: allowing horses space to struggle with their posture while providing support and guidance. This approach is not just about correcting posture; it's about empowering the horse to find balance and effortless movement on their own.

When we intervene too quickly or too forcefully with aids, we risk controlling the horse rather than teaching them. But when we allow them the space to explore and find the answer themselves, the learning experience becomes richer and more meaningful for both horse and rider.

Imagine this: instead of imposing our will on the horse, we become facilitators of their learning journey. We offer guidance, support, and encouragement, but we also give them the freedom to experiment, make mistakes, and ultimately discover the correct posture and movement patterns.

This process not only builds trust and confidence in the horse but also fosters a deeper understanding between horse and rider. It's a collaborative effort where both parties contribute to the learning process.

By allowing horses to struggle with their posture, we're not setting them up for failure; we're setting them up for success. Through this struggle, they develop strength, coordination, and proprioception—the awareness of their body in space. And when they finally find the right balance, it's a lightbulb moment that reinforces their learning in a way that no amount of external control can.

Ultimately, the huge benefit and importance of allowing horses space to struggle with their posture lie in the fact that it enables them to find the answers themselves. It's a journey of self-discovery that leads to more confident, balanced, and harmonious movement—a true testament to the beauty of partnership in horse training.

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