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🌟 Noticing thresholds and embracing the RRR moments 🌟

This post is inspired by a wonderful student of mine, and I believe many can relate! 🐴 How often do we find ourselves caught in the rush, the desire to achieve more, and meet external expectations? Guilty as charged! 🙋‍♀️

Taking a moment to give the horse the freedom to explore, investigate, and figure things out he initially worries about and RRR (Release, Reward, Relax) his slightest thought is a powerful practice. 🌈 

It's easy to get swept up in the need for progress, performance, or meeting goals, but the magic lies in those seemingly small moments.

Acknowledging the simplicity of taking the cavesson or bridle willingly, independently parking at the mounting block, allowing the saddle on the back in a relaxed way, willingly leaving the paddock or entering the arena, et cetera, may seem trivial, but it's a cornerstone to building a foundation of trust, understanding, and true partnership with our equine companions. 🤝 

Because we need to notice the feedback our horse is giving us and take their thresholds seriously. No matter when and where they occur. These are the moments that might not make the highlight reel, yet they are the building blocks of a beautiful relationship where the horse feels seen and feels that his worries are taken seriously.

That doesn't mean to not do things but be patient and give them more time to figure things out or get used to it. Make it easier where necessary to ask more and more questions where the horse is willing and motivated to say YES. Because when it's their conscious choice everything is much easier, relaxed, and effortless.

These trivial moments are where it starts and we need to be careful to not blow through thresholds already here and then wonder why something else later is not as easy as it could be.

We, myself included, often feel the pressure to showcase progress, and keep pushing forward, and this is most of the time at the expense of the horse. 🎥🏇 

However, being aware of the above reminds us that the real breakthroughs come when we appreciate the journey, no matter how incremental. 🚀

And, although the progress might seem quite slow in the beginning, it will be much more easy and effective in the long run.

Let's challenge ourselves to break free from the constraints of external expectations and simply be the example we want to see. 🌱 

And, especially as a trainer, be authentic in what you teach and what you breathe. By embracing each small step, each nuance of progress, we honor our horses and allow them to grow into self-confident, happy athletes.

Let's continue to explore the depths of mindful training, nurturing our horses' minds, and creating a space where the universe of possibilities unfolds. 🌌 

Here's to the beauty of the journey! 🌟 

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