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More Testimonials

Ola and I are busy filming to create the next challenge for the PIB membership. In this challengr we'll continue on polishing the response to our intention, energy, and feel ...

And, as promised, more testimonials of my dear members. This time from Vicky:


"Carolin Moldenhauer has helped me understand and greatly improve my lateral work, feel, and use of energy for both in-hand and riding. With such a talent for seeing subtle things on video and explaining concepts, her video reviews are like having a private lesson here on the farm, even though we are separated by an ocean and I am comfortable at home (a great way to learn). She uses a variety of teaching strategies to help us all learn. I'm so glad I joined the PIB program!"

Thanks a lot, Vicky!


 PIB Birthday - FREE TRIAL Basic Starter in February 2024

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