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LOVE IT or CHANGE IT by Karen Rohlf

Updated: Jan 29

I just came across a brilliant little video of Karen Rohlf. I love the way she is explaining things and in this little video, which is her or one of her talks at the Journey To Podcast Summit 2022, she is talking about the concept 'Love it or change it - the key to happiness'.

This video resonates so much with me. Maybe some of you already saw it or know it, but still, if so, I think it is worth rewatching...

I think, making this profound concept our mantra in our life with horses and in general will not only transform our being and doing with horses but also seeps into the very fabric of our lives.  As Karen so nicely said, horses are very good metaphors for life.

 LOVE IT or CHANGE IT: The Guiding Principle to more happiness and harmony with those three 'simple' choices:

 Love It, Love It More, or Change It

Thank you so much for such a brilliant talk and inspiration, Karen!

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