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Embracing the Beauty in the Basics

Just wanted to share a little nugget of wisdom that I've come to appreciate on my equestrian journey - "The beauty lies in the basics!"

Polishing those foundational skills not only sets the stage for success but also makes tackling the advanced stuff a breeze. Teaching becomes a joyful dance when you've mastered the fundamentals.

It's crucial to be present in the moment, closely observing our horses' feedback.  Those subtle cues reveal the blind spots and missing pieces that might be holding us back. It's like finding the puzzle pieces that complete the picture!

Repetition is key, but mindless repetition won't cut it.  For example, repeating the still unbalanced and feeling awful canter over and over again, won't improve it. Or repeating laterals or more advanced exercises without essence over and over again, won't make them better and is just building a wrong understanding and wrong compensating musculature. So, pay attention! Most of the time, the missing ingredient is hidden in the basics.

As Henry Ford wisely said, "If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got."  So, let's dive into those basics, polish them with love, and watch our horizons expand!

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