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Embracing Heartfelt Horsemanship: What if Our Horses Could Teach Us to Dance Beyond Ego?

Updated: Apr 2

Some thoughts on evolving ourselves, putting our egos aside, and developing beyond what we might have been taught somewhen.

🌟 Embarking on a soul-stirring equestrian journey, let's delve into the depths of our hearts. What if, amidst the rhythm of training plans, we uncovered a dance of understanding with our cherished horses? 🐴💖 As I reminisce about days tethered to rigid routines, poignant questions weave through my thoughts.

💭 What if we flip the script, placing our horse's emotional compass above pre-set goals? Can we foster a partnership rooted in profound trust, self-confidence, and shared motivation? What if the true essence of growth lies in attuning ourselves to their nuanced feedback, acknowledging the ebbs and flows of each moment?

🤔 Have you ever tasted the sweet nectar of a horse's engagement, where every movement is a symphony of joy? What if, instead of forging ahead, we listen closely to their silent cues, adapting our plans with a compassionate heart?

💚 Picture a training session that not only respects the physical and emotional states of our equine companions but also deepens the bond that ties us. What if our horsemanship journey embraces mental agility, understanding, and adaptability as its very core?

🌈 What if we conclude sessions with an act of kindness, leaving behind a trail of positivity for the upcoming ride? Let's strive for an emotionally rich partnership, echoing the very essence of our equine companions' souls. 🌿🐎

🤔 By saying this, choose wisely what you make your motivator. Depending on your choice, you might find yourself pushing through thresholds often, not noticing your horse's feedback, and being unaware of their varying moods influenced by several factors.

🐎And where does this leave the impact on learning? Learning becomes elusive when our equine companions are stressed and caught in the flight, fight, or freeze states. These states aren't solely characterized by dramatic actions like bolting, rearing, biting, or kicking; they often manifest subtly, with your horse giving you signs far before reaching a breaking point.

🤝 Be the friend who truly sees them, acknowledging their overwhelm, lack of understanding, difficulty focusing, or fear. Adjust your plan to the unique horse before you on that special day and in that special moment.

❌ Avoid pressing through exercises just for the sake of doing or completing them, especially if they feel heavy, stiff, or downright awful.

🌈 Strive to nurture a mutually respectful, harmonious partnership with your four-legged friend, prioritizing the creation of trust, self-confidence, and motivation. These are the essential ingredients for a partnership that allows the horse to feel safe – a crucial aspect in fostering a self-thinking partner. Only a horse engaged in the process, thinking about the actual behavior, and motivated to participate feels truly light and engaged.

🌟 Remember, the mind leads, and the body follows effortlessly according to the horse's level of education.

🌿So, let's stay mentally agile, curious, and understanding. Be prepared to adapt your plan, going with the flow to find the best moment for that day. Incorporate easy exercises, if needed, to conclude the session on a positive note.

🔄 This isn't a withdrawal from your relationship bank account; it's an investment and it sets the stage for a motivated, willing, and engaged next session. 🚀

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