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Balancing Lateral Work and Cruising Effortlessly Forward

Updated: Jul 10

So, while laterals and gymnastics are a vital and irreplaceable tool in your training, don’t forget also to embrace and enjoy this no-nonsense cruising forward together, Today, I want to share my personal thoughts on an important aspect of horse training: the balance between lateral work and with this, gymnastics, and smoothly and effortlessly cruising forward in a good posture. While laterals are crucial for educating, gymnastizicing, and building up a horse’s body, it’s important not to get lost in just doing this.

Yes, teaching laterals helps develop the horse’s understanding, response, ability, physical quality, and eventually a better and stronger body, enabling better balance in just moving effortlessly forward together on both straight and curved lines. However, riding forward and enjoying the smooth, swingy energy in all three gaits is equally important. This of course can also be done, and maybe even better, outside of the arena.

Surely there are certain criteria that need to be met to make this cruising together an enjoyable and healthy experience, eg such as natural balance, maneuverability, and basic shared communication. And, of course, there are horses who may need more education in the walk before you can truly enjoy this wonderful, effortlessly, swingy cruising forward movement.

But isn't this the goal, to be able to do this in a harmonious partnership where both horse and rider can enjoy the gaits together in- and outside of the arena?where you can feel the relaxed activity, power, smoothness, and suppleness in a healthy posture below you.

It's all about balance and finding the right way to enjoy our time together while on the one hand building them gently up and on the other hand having fun together!

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