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I'm almost a bit overwhelmed by the beautiful testimonials I got from my members.  And I'm super happy about what they are sharing. This was my vision when we started and it feels so good to now see that it is kind of working for everyone.

As promised, here is the next testimonial, this time from Yvo Pferdeharmonie:

"Being part of this wonderful community and, of course your expertise, has helped me to become better at feeling and letting the horse take more responsibility without controlling it too much. Batosta appreciates that a lot
In addition to that, this format is a wonderful opportunity to develop a good ability to see what is going on in horses and how to respond to each individual situation. You always find the cause of the problem and your tips are always helpful to solve the cause rather than the symptom of the difficulty. You have created a safe space for all of us, so that I’m never hesitant to post a video showing a problem, because I know, everybody will be supportive and I will get the help I’m looking for. Thank you for an intense year of learning and developing an even better relationship with my horses. We love what you have created here. "



As a gift for the first Birthday of my PIB-Membership-Baby, I'm offering a 100% Discount on the PIB Starter Basic Membership:

 PIB Birthday - FREE TRIAL Basic Starter in February 2024

 More information & registration here:

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